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Welcome to Oxford's ESRC Doctoral Training Centre

davidSince the DTC’s foundation in 2011, we have awarded almost 370 studentships across our 19 training pathways. As well as benefitting from bespoke training, conferences and away days, many of our ESRC scholars have organised their own internships and overseas visits as well as running more than 50 student-led interdisciplinary research events and networks. Our DTC continues to develop and grow, and you can find our latest news and updates here. Welcome to Oxford’s DTC.

David Mills, DTC Director

Latest news and notices

ESRC Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) 1-year Postdoc Fellowships

Oxford's ESRC Doctoral Training Centre has been asked to launch and administer an internal competition for five one-year postdoctoral fellowships on behalf of the ESRC.

This opportunity is open to research students who have successfully completed an Oxford doctorate in the past three years (and have active postdoctoral experience) or will have done so by 9th September. Click here for further information on the fellowships, including how to apply.

For Oxford DTC students: Thinking of doing an Internship? Where do you start?

We want your research to have influence and relevance beyond your immediate discipline and this university. To help you with this, the DTC actively encourages ‘knowledge exchange’ , and in particular promotes internships. Since 2011, over 70 ESRC-funded students have participated in collaborative activities with non-academic partners, and 33 have carried out internships in a wide range of organisations, from the United Nations to Oxfam, from Goldman Sachs to Locus Analytics, from the International Criminal Court to Thames Valley Police, and from the Japanese Ministry for Health, Labour and Welfare to the Scottish Government.

There are three ways you can go about organising one funded internship of up to 12 weeks.

i) Your own personal or professional contacts and networks, or those generated through your research. To apply for funding to support the additional costs of an internship, and to find out more about our expectations, fill in our internship application form at

(ii) a bespoke service provided by Oxford’s Careers Service, called the Doctoral Internship programme. Their trained advisors can help you identify internship possibilities and facilitate every step, from applications to signing contracts to follow-up. For further information, see the Doctoral Internship Programme web¬site, or contact the Doctoral Internship Programme team at They ask you to follow their application process in order to process funding

(iii) nationally advertised internships scheme, such as the Policy Internships organised by the Research Councils themselves. You can apply for these in addition to our own funded internships.

Qualifications clarification

A masters is not a prerequisite for studying at the Oxford DTC. A range of training programmes are available based on an assessment of the applicant’s prior learning and training needs. Studentships on certain pathways may also be offered on a part time basis, in addition to full time – please check the pathway statement and with the department that offers the programme of study for further information.