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A welcome event for all new DPhil students in the Social Sciences Division providing a unique opportunity to meet fellow doctoral students working across the social sciences.

Leadership in Action is designed to help researchers understand more about leadership and to prepare them to lead. The 2018 programme will be delivered jointly for Social Sciences and MPLS researchers.

The programme is highly acclaimed nationally and at Oxford.

Applications are invited for a unique placement opportunity  to work with Cowley Road Works in Oxford during the 2018-19 academic year.

Zinc is looking for creative, entrepreneurial people who want to create new commercial tech businesses that solve a big social problem.

Social Sciences Divisional training

Do you use social sciences research to make a difference beyond academia and have a story worth celebrating? Or do you know someone who does?

19 April 2018 - Save the date!

The word ‘impact’ is everywhere we turn, but what does it mean for you and your research? And what does it take to make a difference in the world outside academia?

Department of Sociology, Manor Road Building, Manor Road, Oxford