Research Data Management Training (MANTRA)

01 Jan
Online Course

This course introduces you to the concept of research data,  what constitutes research data, and how data differ from other types of information. The course is particularly appropriate for postgraduate students and early career researchers who work with data and would like to learn more about managing their research data.

The course content is mainly geared for three disciplines: geosciences, social and political sciences and clinical psychology, however, many of the issues covered apply equally to all research disciplines.

After completing this unit you will:

  • Be able to distinguish between various types of research data.
  • Recognise¬† the importance of managing ancillary research materials.
  • Be able to use the information featured in the course to contribute to research data management best practice.
Course Type
Research and Leadership Management
Research Methods
Intended Audience
Doctoral Students
Year 1 DPhil
Year 2 DPhil
Year 3+ DPhil
Post-docs & Early Career Researchers
Established Academics & Researchers