Winning Ways: Grant Writing Workshop

01 Jan

A key component of becoming a successful academic researcher is the ability to win funding for your research. Grant writing is a particular style of writing and persuasion to ensure your research stands out amongst the increasingly large and competitive crowd. This is a practical session giving you the opportunity to put the learning into practice in a safe environment.

The session will be led by Dr Armando Román Zozaya , and supported by Research Facilitators from across the Social Sciences.

The workshop will provide you with:

  • Insights into the different writing style required for grant writing
  • Top tips for successful bidding
  • Understanding of project planning and appropriate resourcing
  • An Understanding of the issues around answering a research call specification
  • An insight into the costs and benefits of collaboration
  • A better idea of what happens to your proposal through the review process


This course is only open to DPhil students in their 3rd year and beyond.

All attendees are expected to be designing a project for submission to a funder, or have submitted a project already. Participants should bring a copy of their research project as it currently stands to allow for useful discussion and comment to be made.

If you are interested in the Division running this session again please contact

Course Type
Academic Communication
Research Funding
Intended Audience
Year 3+ DPhil
Post-docs & Early Career Researchers

Seminar Room G
Manor Road Building
University of Oxford
Manor Road