Successful bidding: writing your case for support

05 Dec

This session is about understanding how to write a case for support for a funding application. The participants are presented with the elements a case for support should include and why. They are also given advice on how to create each of the elements and how to “thread” them together into a single, coherent piece. Advice is provided as well on what tone should be used when writing a case for support and why. After the session, participants should be able to:

  • construct an appropriate case for support from the ground up.
  • help others construct an appropriate case for support.
  • identify a weak case for support.
  • strengthen a weak case for support.


The session is led by Dr Armando Román Zozaya, Divisional Research Facilitator, Social Sciences Division.

Course Type
Research Funding
Intended Audience
Year 3+ DPhil
Post-docs & Early Career Researchers

Seminar Room G
Manor Road Building
University of Oxford
Manor Road