Preparation for Safe and Effective Fieldwork

06 Nov

A course lead by expert external trainers with input from post fieldwork DPhil students. The course  focus is on health and safety issues related to:

- fieldwork activities such as social surveys, interviewing, and participant observation;
- lone workers in medium to high risk settings, either because of the location of the fieldwork or the topic area of the research.

There will be practical scenarios placing you in a number of fieldwork settings and including a number of challenges for you to overcome. These provide the opportunity to think through your fieldwork and how you might cope when things don’t go quite as planned. DPhil students who have completed their own fieldwork will be invited to attend to share their experiences over an informal sandwich lunch.

This course is for DPhils and Research Staff. It is also open to Masters students where a need for this training has been identified. In the event that the course is over-subscribed, we will prioritise attendees according to need (e.g. imminent fieldwork).

Course content:
- Safe travel planning and risk assessment
- Personal safety and security
- University travel procedures and further resources
- Crisis management
- Student fieldwork experiences
- Informal lunch with students who have recently been on fieldwork from 13.00-14.00

The course is run once a term.

Please note: If your fieldwork is more expedition based, the course offered by the University Safety Office might be more appropriate Fieldwork Safety Overseas

Intended Audience
Doctoral Students
Year 1 DPhil
Year 2 DPhil
Year 3+ DPhil
Post-docs & Early Career Researchers

Social Sciences Divisional Office
Hayes House
75 George Street
Oxford OX1 2BQ