Data visualisation: Creating interactive visualisations using R and Shiny

23 Jan

Interactive presentations and visualisations provide a unique exploratory tool for your research findings and data, suitable for both subject experts and a general audience.

This course will introduce two powerful tools for creating interactive presentations and visualisations that can easily be embedded into websites and shared on social media:

  • R: A scripting language used by millions of researchers and hobbyists around the world, in the science, humanities and the arts
  • RStudio: The standard IDE for writing and developing R scripts, with built-in integration for RMarkdown, Shiny and much more

RMarkdown is a typesetting language that we will use to easily create attractive presentations with both text and charts that can be deployed to the free and open publishing platform, RPubs.

Shiny allows any R charts, network or graphic to be made fully interactive without any knowledge of JavaScript or HTML. We will use Shiny to embed interactive charts and plots into an RMarkdown presentation published to RPubs.

BYOD friendly. Where possible bring your own laptop, and we ask that you install the following before the session.

Installation Instructions

You will need to install two separate software applications onto your machine, R then RStudio. Instructions for installing R have been provided for Mac and Windows but not Linux. If you are using Linux please refer to this page:

R for Windows

Select the “Download R” link at the top of the page:

Install the application selecting the default options during the installation process.

R for Mac

Download the R-3.3.0.pkg from

Open the installer and select the default options for installation.

RStudio for Mac, Windows and Linux

Select the appropriate installer from here:

Open the installer once downloaded and accept the default options.

Course Type
Bibliographic and Computing Skills
Research Methods
Intended Audience
Doctoral Students
Year 1 DPhil
Year 2 DPhil
Year 3+ DPhil
Post-docs & Early Career Researchers
Established Academics & Researchers

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